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  • Are cleaners containing silicones good to use on my furniture?
    Aerosol cleaners and polishes usually contain silicone oils and other contaminants. Silicones are bad for your furniture.
  • Cleaning And Care Of Antiques
    By Ed Mayorga Caring for your antiques, ensuring they are displayed, stored and handled correctly is essential to preserving them for future generations. Furniture needs informed care. It’s important to remember that furniture isn’t just wood; ...
  • The Feed-The -Furniture Myth Is Hogwash
    By Ed Mayorga There is no product that penetrates into the wood with modern finishes (post 1750’s) which use shellac, lacquers (post-catalyzed and pre-catalyzed), urethanes and varnishes. These finishes were applied primarily to protect the wood. ...
  • Noisy Furniture
    By Ed Mayorga I admire my auto mechanic who loves to listen to my engine and can immediately diagnose a multitude of issues. Your furniture can also make sounds that a knowledgeable furniture restorer can use ...
  • Furniture Glossary
    GLOSSARY Acanthus Carving – A leafy carving Typically found on period furniture. Arts & Crafts Style- This was a movement popularized in the late 1800’s by such well know figures as Stickley, Morris, and Hubbard. The ...
  • Finish Choices For Your Furniture
    By Ed Mayorga Customers often ask for our recommendations of furniture finishes. The answer is complex! Furniture pieces have various needs. Antiques were often stained with berry juices and top coated with an oil, wax or ...
  • Which Is Best: Spray, Wax, Oil, Polish?
    By: Ed Mayorga I am amazed art the extremes I see in people. They ether never polish their furniture or polish/wax it weekly. Both of these extremes will result in equal damage. Furniture need a protective ...
  • Will Stripping and Re-Finishing De-Value my Furniture?
    By Ed Mayorga I am a professional refinisher who takes great pride in my work. I want beautiful results for you. I am frequently asked if the value of furniture will be diminished if I elect to ...

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